Vote for Lamb, Servoss in Dryden

I strongly support Dan Lamb and Kathy Servoss for Dryden Town Board. I look forward to implementation of their bold new ideas for town-wide recreation and assistance to small businesses.
Dan and Kathy are experienced public servants who value intermunicipal cooperation and understand the challenging diversity of the town they represent. It is a town that comprises two villages, several hamlets, an unincorporated community, and an enormous rural area. It is home to students who attend Dryden, Ithaca, Cortland, Groton, Lansing, and Richford schools.
Dan and Kathy understand the difference between village and town government, but they also value the ways in which the villages and the town can work together for the benefit of all. On November 8, whether you live in Ellis Hollow or Etna, West Dryden or Willow Glen, please remember to vote in this important local race.


Kathy Zahler