Attention Readers: Tompkins Weekly to feature works ‘By the People’ in upcoming issue

By Rob Montana
Tompkins Weekly

Each week, Tompkins Weekly strives to offer engaging content to people throughout the county. Whether it is news that impacts your life, in-depth analysis of issues facing area residents, profiles on people and organizations in Tompkins County, previews of events that are taking place in our region or our community calendar, we work hard to bring you the information we think you want and need to know.

The theme for Tompkins Weekly's first "By the People" issue, which will hit newsstands on Monday, January 2, is "Love."
The theme for Tompkins Weekly’s first “By the People” issue, which will hit newsstands on Monday, January 2, is “Love.”

Tompkins County is made up of so many talented people, individuals who express themselves in so many ways and have strong opinions about a vast many subjects. While we always encourage people to share their thoughts and feelings with us, Tompkins Weekly wants to give its readers a chance to express themselves in an even more expanded way.
That’s why we’re planning a “By the People” issue as a way to offer that opportunity to those who want to contribute. In the Monday, January 2, issue of Tompkins Weekly, we will be featuring the contributions of our readers, revolving around a common theme. This call for content is for everyone, and submissions may come in many forms – articles, essays, poems, photos and artwork (and any other outlets of expression our readers can come up with). Our plan is to feature as much of your work as we can to start the new year.
The theme for this inaugural year is a common one: Love.
Much of recent dialogue in the news has been highlighting feelings of anger, fear and concern, and a focus on negative actions. While those are valid feelings and focuses, we believe there is a lot of good happening around us. Those stories, and feelings don’t always make for a catchy story or eyeball-grabbing headline, but we think they are worthy of our attention.
That’s why we picked the theme of love for our “By the People” issue. We want to highlight all the ways that people look at love in our readership, and focus our attention on something that has a positive reflection on the good things that do exist all around us. We will do our best to include all submissions we receive.
The deadline for submitting your pieces for consideration is Wednesday, December 21. Please send all contributions to Managing Editor Rob Montana via email at; he is also the contact for any questions regarding submissions or alternative arrangements for delivery of your work.