Voting for Kopko for DA

As a former corrections officer, I’m voting Ed Kopko for District Attorney. He has valuable experience as Assistant DA and Special Prosecutor. My disability resulted from jailing nonviolent offenders suffering from emotional tragedy and mental illness. Ed Kopko, a former police officer, knows those addicted… Read More

Re-elect Lifton

Citizens of Tompkins and Cortland counties will be doing themselves a favor by re-electing Barbara Lifton to the State Assembly for an eighth two-year term in this office. One has only to speak with her briefly to sense her competence and thorough knowledge of all… Read More

Vote for Lamb, Servoss

A vote for Dan Lamb and Kathy Servoss is truly a vote for putting ALL of Dryden first. Since their appointments to the town board, both Dan and Kathy have supported Dryden businesses, Dryden development, Dryden recreation and Dryden’s environment. They understand the needs of… Read More

Van Houten for DA

There are many reasons Matt Van Houten is endorsed for District Attorney by Democrats. His humble, soft-spoken demeanor combines with a tough stance on protecting the public while pursuing equal justice for all. Matt’s 20 years of experience in every level of our local courts… Read More

Vote for Plumb

The 23rd Congressional District candidates agree that providing more available jobs is a most important issue and growing the economy would help. John Plumb’s opponent, 7-year incumbent, Tom Reed’s inadequate Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act in 2014 was originally an Obama administration’s ambitious effort… Read More

Vote for Van Houten

A good DA does more than put a few yard signs along public highways. They need decades of NYS criminal law experience and a history of community involvement. Only Matt Van Houten, a veteran, and West Point and Dryden High graduate, has demonstrated that commitment… Read More