Letter: In Favor of Dryden Solar Project

The plans to develop community solar arrays by Distributed Sun in the Town of Dryden look very good to me. After meeting with the community, the developers for this project have corrected misinformation and responded to input and concerns. They have made alterations to address concerns, such as less obtrusive fencing, wildlife corridors added, setbacks from roads and residences increased, and additional vegetative screening.

It is a win-win situation: It will be available to the individual households and businesses, not Cornell. While the Cornell pieces of land are tax exempt, taxes will be paid by Distributed Sun to the town and Dryden schools.

It’s pretty clear that climate change is on the move. Here’s a project that increases the amount of solar on a much larger scale than solar panels atop an individual house. This project will increase the amount of renewable energy available to the community. It will reduce the carbon footprint and greenhouse gases. Now’s the time for this project.

Oskar Schmidt