Development project work taking place around Tompkins County

By Brian Crandall
The Ithaca Voice

Most development news focuses on what’s formally called the “entitlements process” – basically, the process of getting approval from the town, village or city. That makes sense, since it’s where the public has the most input.
But, the county has a number projects that are beyond that step – onto the construction phase. The following are a few of those, where the plans have been put into action.


Photo from The Ithaca Voice
Elmira Savings Bank has begun work on its new branch office building at the West State Street location that was the former home of Pancho Villa restaurant.

Elmira Savings Bank
The former Pancho Villa restaurant at 602 W. State St. is slowly taking on new a form as Elmira Savings Bank renovates and expands the century-old building into a new branch office with office space for rent on the second floor. The original structure’s windows and doors are being replaced, the inside reconfigured, and the brick cleaned and repointed. The new north wing will be enclosed in steel and a glass curtain wall, and workers are erecting steel for the new entrance and drive-through ATM canopy. The plywood box on the roof is the top of the elevator shaft.


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