Dryden schools raise money for Ugandan Water Project

Tompkins Weekly Staff

Photo by Charlie Wildey / TST BOCES
Participants of Dryden’s Water Walk carry gallons of water around the Dryden High School track, symbolizing the struggle for clean water in Uganda.

Students in Dryden schools went above and beyond their goal in a recent effort to raise money for the Ugandan Water Project. The students brought in $5,643, surpassing their goal by more than $2,000.

The original goal of $3,600 is enough to build a rainwater collection system that provides clean water for approximately 100 families or 500 students. The final amount raised includes online donations, individual cash and check donations and money raised from Bobette Butts’ photography student fundraiser.

The Ugandan Water Project is a charitable organization that works to provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene resources to communities in Uganda. By implementing regional solutions that provide access to clean water, the Ugandan Water Project seeks to help improve the quality of life for all people in Uganda. One of the founding members of the Ugandan Water Project, James Harrington, is a Dryden alumnus.

The campaign culminated in a community “Water Walk” on the Dryden High School track, which was symbolic of the way many Ugandan children need to walk miles every day to collect clean water for their families.