Letters: Dryden voters have chance to make voice heard

On November 7, voters in the Town of Dryden will have an opportunity to express their concerns regarding the performance of the current town board.

I had the good fortune of working with the Tompkins County Office for the Aging for 23 years. During my tenure, I met with seniors regarding issues related to aging and inevitably finances was a concern. I recall a gentleman from Dryden who came to meet with me. He revealed that he and his wife were in a financial position where they could no longer afford to live in their home. They had built their home and raised their children in Dryden, both working full time. Now on a fixed income, they were being essentially forced out of the home they loved due to the untenable tax increases.

The Census tells us that 11.3 percent of Dryden residents are 65 or older. The town board has added to the tax burden of seniors by raising property taxes a total of 50 percent in the last 3 years – and still no balanced budget!

Bruno Schickel, Joe Osmeloski and Don Scott are running for the town board and are committed to fiscal responsibility.
I urge you to vote for this slate.

Katrina Schickel