Letters: Joe Wetmore for a more transparent Lansing town board

I am supporting Joe Wetmore for Lansing town board. I worked with Joe on the Lansing Comprehensive Plan Update Committee, where his thoughtful input, clear understanding of the many issues that impact our town, and his broad grasp of government process were a real asset.

He strongly supports more open and transparent town government, and more public input from town residents. Joe also supports more Lansing involvement with other government-related agencies (e.g. TCAT, Village of Lansing, and the Tompkins County Council of Governments) to promote concerns and improve services for Lansing’s residents.

He has shown that he can work with people from differing sides of the political spectrum, and resolve differences so all parties are included. Joe is a successful business owner (Autumn Leaves Book Store on the Commons), who understands how to best operate in a cost-effective manner. This will benefit all tax payers in our town. Please join me on November 7 and vote for Joe Wetmore for the Lansing town board. He will make a positive difference for the whole town.

Tom Butler