Letters: An educator for Keith Hannon

I am writing in support of electing Keith Hannon to the Tompkins County Legislature (District 5). After 19 years of working in public education, including 16 at Trumansburg Middle School, I have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with many local students and their families.

I have seen first hand, the struggles that young families face today. Over the years, I have encountered an increasing number of families that have had to leave the area in an effort to establish a more secure and stable life. Parents working additional jobs and longer hours to make ends meet takes a toll on the entire family. Students with limited support at home struggle academically, socially, and with making good decisions.

In an effort to provide needed support all families need access to housing that is affordable and safe. All workers need wages that are fair and equitable. These are complex and interconnected issues that require someone to listen, communicate, analyze, and then take action. Considering his highly-respected work in communications, academia, and writing research papers, I know Keith Hannon is that person.

Keith’s life revolves around his kids, and he knows all too well the challenges and struggles that impact families. Full disclosure: I’ve known Keith for all 35 years of his life. I’m his brother. I also know his values and abilities, and how the community will benefit from them. As an independent, he is the candidate best positioned to listen to and represent all voices of District 5.

Several times throughout his campaign, Keith has been forced to overcome roadblocks created by the party power structure. His ability to maneuver through these, while maintaining a positive message, is a testament to his character. Keith is an authentic progressive candidate in this race as he does not have to ‘tow’ the party line and do what an established party or committee may pressure him to do. He will do what his community asks him to do.

I encourage voters to learn more about Keith by visiting his website: www.hannonfortompkins.com. District 5, if you are looking for a candidate who is committed to listening to you, who works hard, and will fight for your family, then come together with Cayuga United and cast your vote for Keith Hannon.

Bill Begeal