Letters: Hannon thinks outside the party

I want to encourage everyone in the Tompkins County Legislature District 5 to consider supporting a voice of measured reason this November: Keith Hannon. Keith’s ability to listen and really understand the challenges that face our County are what impress me the most. I first met Keith when I found out his election candidacy was in jeopardy this past fall. Keith’s ballot was rejected by the Tompkins County Board of Elections, which forced his campaign team to quickly get out and gather additional signatures door-to-door to remain on the ballot for this November. When I mentioned I would support his initiative, Keith personally reached out to me, stopped by late on a Sunday evening, and we chatted for a half an hour. We discussed his vision of the issues, why he is an independant, and what this community means to him. I was impressed immediately with his humble wit, focus, and determination to think outside the traditional political parties for ways forward.

I believe that Keith’s background in communications have allowed him to not only look at what lies beneath the issues of our area, but to look at logical solutions that will support all of us in Tompkins County with compassion and humility.

As you go to the voting booths in a few weeks, please think about how we can move the world forward, and get back to governing, instead of politics. Please consider supporting Keith. I think he is the kind of candidate that sees these challenges clearly, and is prepared to think outside the box to move us in the right direction.

Todd Edmonds