Sound Bites: Interview with Ithaca College Football Coach Dan Swanstrom

By Tim Donnelly
ESPN Ithaca


Tim Donnelly

Recently on ESPN Ithaca’s Between the Lines, host Tim Donnelly spoke with Dan Swanstrom, the head coach of the Ithaca College Bombers football team about his first Cortaca game on the sidelines.

Here is a snippet of that conversation; to hear the full interview, visit ESPN Ithaca’s on-demand PodCenter at


Tim Donnelly: Coach, I know you are always about the next game, but I hope you are willing to go back a little bit for us here. What are your thoughts, your opinions and reactions to your first Cortaca experience?

Dan Swanstrom: I thought it was great, it was a good experience for our kids and you know, to get to play in an atmosphere that is electric and, I thought for everybody involved, the coaches, the players, it’s great. I’m glad that I’m here and I’m glad that I get to have that type of experience within our program.


TD: In the lead up to game, in the press conference and a few interviews you had with us, you fondly remembered your experience in big rivalry games dating back to your high school days in Texas. Did it live up to the thoughts you had, with maybe a little nostalgia, back to your own rivalries?

DS: The one thing that’s significantly different was the bands. The loudness and the size of the bands is uniquely different. But certainly, just the sounds and just the overall, its just such a different atmosphere and such a different stadium with everyone overlooking the lake, it creates kind of a different vibe than anything I’ve ever been a part of.


TD: Coach, let’s now transition to the game, you end up winning 48-20. The most points you’ve scored in a game this season. How were you able to put it to Cortland and get the jug back on your side for the first time in eight years?

DS: As a whole, offensively, we played well. The quarterback played very well. Very accurate, very poised, and Cortland on offense was explosive, averaging 400-plus yards per game and scoring a bunch of points. So, to get some stops early and get the ball back quickly really, really helps. You know, it was just an overall good performance and guys played well. It’s just hopefully something that we can build on. And as crazy as it sounds, I still think there is a lot of improvements we can make.

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