By the People: The Garden

By Eva Marques


Along the sliver of highway connecting the flatlands shoppers
To the hill-dwelling mall shoppers
Lies a patch of Paradise!
It has given nurture, hope, and delight
To young and old
For more than a generation.
The immigrant, the poor, the student, the disabled,
All are welcome within its gates.


This is a space filled with laughter, community, Earth-learning,
Where all are destined to grow,
Where the sweet touch of Nature
Brings its healing to every heart.


Yes, here is Ithaca Community Gardens,
Where hundreds of souls tend the land
In hundreds of different ways.
Where conversation can be had
For the price of a string bean.
Where bugs and birds and babies thrive,
In an otherwise barren landscape.


We are holders of the Promise,
Keepers of the Seed,
Honoring the Generations Yet to Come.
Season in,
Season out,
We are here,
Feeding your community,
Tending this precious land with love, dedication, and kindness.