Readers share their take on ‘Perseverance’ in this year’s By the People

By Jamie Swinnerton
Tompkins Weekly


Photo by Susan Larkin. ‘Hanging On’ is a photo submission from Susan Larkin of Brooktondale for the By the People edition.

Following a year of very high highs, and some very low lows, Tompkins Weekly decided to continue the tradition started in the first edition of the paper for 2017, and will be turning over several pages of this week’s edition to reader submissions.

By the People was created to give Tompkins Weekly readers a space to share their thoughts and emotions around one theme through the art of words and pictures. This year’s theme is perseverance, to highlight how we as a community can overcome the challenges we face. Not just this year but throughout our lives.
Readers were given the freedom to express themselves through art and photography, through essays or poems, or any other writing style that helped capture how they understand the theme. My predecessor, Rob Montana, started the By the People issue in part to highlight the positive over the negative.

“I felt that a change in the way people began conversations was needed,” Montana explained in the first ever By the People issue, theme: love. “Instead of accentuating the negative emotions that so often seemed to be at the forefront of people’s interactions, we needed a way to reframe our communication.”

A number of submissions were sent in for this issue in several different forms. I hope you explore what your neighbors, friends, and fellow Tompkins Weekly readers have created. Perhaps you’ll find something familiar that helps you to think about your own stories of perseverance. I hope you find something inspiring.
Happy New Year from Tompkins Weekly!