Almost Pitch Perfect

By Jamie Swinnerton Tompkins Weekly   In an effort to increase youth programs throughout the county the Tompkins County Youth Services Department (TCYSD) awarded eight non-profit organizations a total of $20,000, but first, they had to argue for it. Similar to the popular show Shark… Read More

On a Mission

By Jamie Swinnerton Tompkins Weekly   Ithaca and Tompkins County are no strangers to the issue of homelessness, but a new local group has decided to take this issue on by helping those in the area already working to address homelessness. Ithaca Homeless Crisis isn’t… Read More

The Challenge continues

By Jamie Swinnerton Tompkins Weekly   A lot can happen in 50 years, just ask Challenge Workforce Solutions, the county-wide not for profit corporation that helps people with barriers to employment find the support and skills they need for meaningful work. It was half a… Read More