By The People

Theme: Acceptance


The By The People tradition here at Tompkins Weekly was started by former Managing Editor, Rob Montana, after a divisive election and a rough year. The first theme was “Love” and it ran on Monday, Jan. 2, 2017. Submissions included poems, photos, and essays by readers expressing their thoughts on love in all of its forms. The tradition was brought back again for the first edition of 2018, and the theme was “Perseverance.” Submissions again included photos, essays, and even part of a graphic novel. We bring back By The People again for 2019 with the theme of “Acceptance” after another divisive election and challenging year.

Acceptance can mean a lot of things. Sometimes we must accept the things we cannot change before we can learn and grow. Sometimes we must accept other people, exactly as they are because that is who they will always be. Sometimes acceptance is a gift that we teach others, and sometimes it’s a lesson taught to us. Within acceptance are so many other emotions including both love and perseverance, as well as frustration, struggle, freedom, and peace, among so many others.

A number of residents have participated this year and I encourage you to read and experience what they think of when they think of acceptance. Perhaps one of our submissions will spark something in you, perhaps they will make you see something different. Whatever it is that you get from these submissions I encourage you to think about them, and our theme, with an open mind.


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