Letters to the Editor: Endorsing Tracy Mitrano


As a resident of NY 23rd, I will be voting for Tracy Mitrano in the midterm election on November 6th, and, while I believe she has compelling positions on issues like education and healthcare, my reasons for writing this letter go beyond any particular policy stance.  We as a nation face a real threat in terms of foreign powers meddling in our elections.  This can be seen clearly in efforts by foreign agents to create “us” versus “them” dichotomies in the U.S. electorate through divisive social media campaigns.  The meddling may not be designed to favor one side of the political spectrum over the other.  Rather, the goal is to tear at the fabric of our society and undermine democracy as a whole by eroding faith in civil discourse.  When people with different political beliefs are demonized, there no longer seems to be a need to seek to understand the “other” or find constructive ways forward that value all people impacted by government policies.  Tracy Mitrano understands the danger and she brings both the mindset and the skills to help preserve the foundation of our democracy in the face of this threat.

Through conversations with Tracy Mitrano, I have full confidence that she is committed to understanding and representing everyone in the district, inside and outside of Ithaca. In addition to her constructive approach to discourse and policy, Tracy also brings expertise in cyber security essential to combat the ongoing threat of foreign intervention in our politics.  The same cannot be said for the incumbent.  Taking this into consideration, please make sure to vote in the upcoming election on Nov. 6.


David Rhodes    


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