Letters to the Editor: Mitrano will protect Medicare and Social Security


Medicare is what most older people rely on for healthcare and to pay for nursing homes, home care and hospice care. Most couldn’t afford such care otherwise. Those with Medicare and Social Security paid into them while working. This is most likely what your parents relied on and what you will, too, if you live long enough. Republicans call these programs “entitlements” to confuse people. If you want to preserve these programs, vote for Tracy Mitrano for U.S. House of Representatives Nov. 6. 

Tom Reed supports the Republican budget that would cut billions from Medicare and Social Security, which most older people rely on for survival. Reed voted for the enormous tax cuts for the richest people, including the 0.1% who own 40% of the country’s wealth. The resulting vastly decreased government funds are used by Republicans as an excuse for ongoing efforts to get rid of Medicare, Medicaid, and educational funding and to privatize or end Social Security. Privatizing Social Security means handing over the money citizens paid into these programs to the Wall Street stock market players, which will eventually lead to the same outcome as those millions who lost all their retirement in 2008 from those funds being invested in the same manner. 
More than half Reed’s money comes from PACS and corporate donors outside his district. Less than 4 percent comes from individuals giving $200 or less. Tracy Mitrano refuses all PAC/corporate money. She’ll so much better represent and serve us without the wealthiest influencing her.

Mitrano also supports healthcare for all, unlike Reed, who voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and to cut Medicaid, which millions rely on for healthcare. He voted to let insurance companies charge higher premiums to seniors and people with preexisting conditions. He’s opposed requiring pharmaceutical companies to offer low prices to the federal government for Medicare and Medicaid so prices aren’t exorbitant, like $100 per pill and thousands of dollars a month for medication. Other modern nations keep the drug costs low so needed medication is affordable to the population.

Becca Harber
Newfield, NY


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