Letters to the Editor: Tracy Mitrano Has My Vote


I’ll be voting for Tracy Mitrano on Nov. 6. Tom Reed has had his chance, and the trust is just not there.

An example is the oversized card Mr. Reed recently sent out featuring Donald Trump’s endorsement of him as a reason to re-elect him for Congress. He evidently thinks we’re irrational enough to vote for him based on his association with someone whose default problem-solving strategy is to misrepresent the facts and misinform the public. To me, this is a real slap in the face to the people of this district, who above all, know the value of the truth.
Last December Mr. Reed supported the tax cut in Congress, which largely benefited the wealthy, saying it was for us. We may end up paying for it, but per the September issue of Forbes, few of the dollars have actually helped workers, and the cuts substantially increased the Federal debt and deficit. Already, some of Reed’s colleagues have tapped Social Security and Medicare as likely sources for reduction.

On the other hand, Tracy Mitrano is a common sense, fact-based Penn Yan lady, who helped in her family’s restaurant growing up in Rochester. She was the first in her family to go to college and is now a respected cybersecurity expert and attorney, who has pledged to protect our healthcare and refuses money from corporate PAC donors (the ones who later expect tax cuts in return).
Again, by touting his association with Donald Trump to get re-elected, Mr. Reed implies that we think a good liar makes a good leader. We all know better than that. And we deserve better than that kind of representation in Washington.

Please vote for Tracy Mitrano on Nov. 6!

Laura Watson
Groton, NY 13073


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